Q. do you run private workshops?

A. The image Project can tailor a workshop to suit anyone. We often run workshops for small groups of 4-6 during holidays and weekends. The ages are usually between 11-15yrs.

Q. Do you run workshops for adults and corporate groups?

A. The Image Project is a workshop aimed at teaching school age children. However, Kate Collingwood Photography runs similar workshops for corporate groups, with an active social media presence. This workshop is tailored to each particular business, and the sort of imagery required to maximise their exposure. Your staff will be instructed on how to best portray your image with create and easy-to-master iPhone shots. Please contact Kate to discuss further.

Q. what do i need to participate in a workshop?

A. Not very much. A fully charged smartphone with camera (either Apple iPhone, Samsung, Android, or mini iPad). An open and creative mind with plenty of enthusiasm, and a willingness to get into awkward positions and perhaps get a few funny looks on the street.

Q. Will you publish my work on your website?

A. Only with your written consent. I would love to show off my students work, however, as stated in our Privacy Policy, a signed model release must first be obtained.

Q. Can we ask for ongoing advice and support after a workshop?

A. Absolutely. The Image Project would like to encourage an enthusiast and creative community of photographers, where no question is too ridiculous and honest feedback is welcomed. You can following The Image Project Blog and the Instagram page to keep in the loop and post your questions online, or email us at anytime.


Q. How much do the workshops cost per student?

A. Please contact us and we will send you our price list for school groups or individuals.